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    SACA Overview
    Founded in 1994, Guangdong SACA Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd , it has three manufacturing bases in China, they are located in Guangdong Shunde, Qingyuan and Jiangsu Taizhou. In order to provide customers with all kinds of hardware integrated supporting services in Europe, SACA has built up both manufacturing and R&amp;D bases also. In June 2015, SACA became the first listed company in the furniture hardware industry in China. SACA specializes in manufacturing slides, hinges and other hardware for various industries, such as furniture, electrical equipments, financial equipments, automobile industry, IT and etc.

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    Guangdong SACA precision manufacturing Co., Ltd

    ADD: No. 3 Keye Road, Industrial Park, Beijiao Town Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,China

    TEL: 400-688-6693

    FAX:0086-757-2665 3400

    Zip:528311 Http://www.iwxdx.com

    E-mail:xinghui@sh-abc.cn export@sh-abc.cn

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